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Music is Vibration - Vibration is Life


Einzigartige Klänge für kommerzielle Projekte.

Inspirierend, professionell, individuell.

music for movie. tv Games. Advertising.

Welcome to! Composer and producer Victor L. Grundmann's mission is to provide the perfect music for your mission. Our repertoire includes music from a wide variety of genres for your commercial project - regardless of whether it's film, television or the advertising industry. Discover the wide range of offers from Grundmann Music today!

Wie wir Komponieren und Produzieren



When composing our works, we are inspired by influences from a wide variety of musical styles, from the old eras of classical, baroque and romantic music to film music and the modern underground music of today's pop landscape. We serve a wide range of different genres and always ensure a high level of production quality. From medieval sounds to ethnically specific characteristics to modern electronic instrumentals, many authentic and high-quality productions can be found in our repertoire.


MIDI technology

We use MIDI technology for a majority of our productions. This makes us independent of other musicians and performers - so you have to contact us alone for the rights instead of additionally obtaining the rights to the recording from other parties involved. We carefully coordinate all dynamics and attack times in each of our projects so that a natural listening impression is created despite the digital production method.



Each of our projects is carefully digitally edited. Frequency adjustments, compression, reverb and other effects are used to the extent that the nature of the respective productions benefits. We always strive for a balanced sound and invest a lot of time in the detailed development of the sound - so that your project also benefits from it in the end.



Don't worry, we don't compress the music excessively. We master subtly and unobtrusively to perfect subtleties in the sound, which are further rounded off after mixing. Would you like to master the music in your project yourself or again? No problem! This is already taken into account in the dynamic range of our productions. For tracks with corresponding dynamic properties, two versions are available (mastered, unmastered) in order to prevent any complications in this regard.



Über unser musikalisches Repertoire hinaus bieten wir im Rahmen der Musik- und Audioproduktion zusätzlich ein weites Feld von Dienstleistungen der elektroakustischen Klangbearbeitung an. Weitere diesbezügliche Informationen finden sie hier.

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